Cookies and tracking

A cookie is a small text file, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to the user’s web browser from a website’s computer. Cookies are stored in the user’s computer hard drive. Cookies are used by The Globe for a variety of reasons to provide website functionality and to deliver the best experience for our users. Also, please note that if you navigate away from a Globe website, for example, by clicking on an advertisement, other parties may place a cookie in your browser and follow their own privacy practices. The Globe does not control the activities of other parties and is not responsible for their practices.  
If your concern is the targeting of advertising based on your behaviour, AdChoices provides information regarding how online behavioural advertising supports the content, products and services that you use on the web, what online ad choices you have, and how to use browser controls to enhance your privacy. 

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  • 28-Apr-2017