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Interest-based advertising has existed everywhere on the Internet, including other news media sites, Facebook, Google, and on The Globe for many years. It is not new, nor is the use of cookies by third parties on our websites. What is new is AdChoices, an opt-out mechanism created by the Digital Advertising Alliance of Canada that provides consumers with greater transparency around interest-based targeting. The Globe is one of the first Canadian publications to implement AdChoices on our site. We recognize it is not easy to use, but we believe that it is a step towards greater transparency, choice and consumer control. You may find more information about AdChoices If you have a complaint about AdChoices, you may register it directly with Advertising Standards Canada at 

Not all of the ads on are targeted to your interests. Many advertisers buy space on our website based on contextual information that is provided to advertisers in aggregate, in much the same way that advertisers buy space in our print newspaper based on a section.

The Canadian Office of the Privacy Commissioner has issued guidelines over the last few years that advised that interest based advertising can be based on implied consent but that now requires more transparency. These developments in Canadian Privacy law lead to the self regulatory tool to allow consumers to opt-out of online behaviour advertising (OBA). Our previous privacy policy outlined how third party cookies are used for this purpose. Our updated privacy policy provides greater transparency around this issue and provides you with more mechanisms to provide us with feedback and to opt-out where possible.

The internet advertising ecosystem is so well established now that it is not possible to ‘opt-in’ to interest-based advertising. Technology often develops ahead of privacy considerations. It is only in recent years there have been growing concerns around this practice. As a result, the tools to manage one’s privacy online, such as AdChoices, are still in their infancy. Your feedback is key to the success of AdChoices. You may find out more, including how to submit a complaint at

The Globe relies on both subscription and advertising revenue to support its award-winning coverage, foreign and local bureaus, digital product development and more. Reader subscription fees pays only a small portion of The Globe’s operating costs. To continue to deliver award-winning content, maintain our foreign and regional bureaus, and support the continuous upgrade in our digital products and platforms, we must also rely on advertising sales. However, not all ads on our websites are interest based. If you opt-out using AdChoices, you will still receive advertising, but it will not be based on your browsing activities over multiple websites.

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  • 28-Apr-2017