App 4.0: Navigate The Globe news app

It’s easy to move around within The Globe and Mail app. Key things to do to get started include:

• Swipe horizontally across to see sections within the app or tap the menu icon in the top left corner 
   to select a specific section;
• Scroll down to see the stories within that section;
• Tap on a story to read more or save it for later;
• Swipe left to navigate from one story to the next within a section;
• Swipe from the side of the screen across at any time within a section to jump to a new section; 
• Find stories you saved for later reading in your Profile section. You will not be able to save an 
article without logging in to your account. 
To log in, go to "Profile":
• If you’re not logged in, it will display you as an "anonymous user" with a corresponding button to edit;
• If you’re a Globe Unlimited ( subscriber, you can log in using your account credentials;
• If you’re not a Globe Unlimited subscriber, you will have to enter your email address and password – this information gets stored in our user registration database;
• Once logged in, you can edit your preferences by either clicking "Edit Preferences" on the Profile page or by going to "Settings";
• Pull up on the bottom of an article page to reveal further reading suggestions.
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  • 27-Sep-2017