Stock & Fundlist - FAQs


Where are the Stock and Fundlist entries I setup in the legacy Globe Advisor?

  • Your holdings have been migrated to a Globe Investor Watchlist


What is different about the Stock (or) Fundlist?

  • Both Stocks and Funds are tracked in one “Watchlist” tool
  • Data is now Real-time for all exchanges (TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, Nasdaq and
  • Amex) and your P&L updates in Real-time
  • Prices update automatically (without page refresh)
  • Setup Custom Filters with more-than 200 data points
  • Pages adapt regardless if they are viewed on desktop, tablet or mobile device and load with lightning speed
  • Export your data in Excel
  • End-of-day email summary
  • Fully-integrated Globe Investor editorial
  • Set price flags and create notes
  • Sortable columns


Who do I contact if I have concerns with the migration of my data?

  • Complete the following form and a data analyst be assigned to review
  • Select Investment Tools > Watchlist


How are Watchlists ordered in the drop-down menu?

  • They are listed in Alphabetical order
  • It is not possible to override this ordering convention

In Watchlist what "Other" type of assets can I track?

  • Commodities & Futures
  • Indices
  • Currency pairings
  • 315
  • 31-Dec-2018