Client Portfolio - FAQs


Where are my Client Portfolios?

  • Globe Advisor Client Portfolios have been converted to the Globe Investor Portfolio
  • All of your holdings have been migrated
  • It is necessary to purchase a Globe and Mail digital subscription to use this tool


Why can I still see old Portfolios I setup?

  • All Portfolios are now in Read-only view for your reference in the legacy environment

Do my clients still have access to their Portfolio?

  • The Globe and Mail and Globe Advisor no longer provides a free Portfolio tool.
  • You still have Read-only access via your Globe Advisor credentials.
  • Client access will be decommissioned in January 2019

How can I communicate details of my clients’ Portfolios to them?

  • There is a printable PDF report associated with each Portfolio in the new tool

Why are you asking me to pay for a Portfolio product that was previously free?

  • Access to the Globe Investor Portfolio is now part of our digital all-access membership.
  • This includes unlimited access to Portfolio, and it will unlock all the hidden features in the Watchlist, as well as provide full-access to our award-winning editorial and news.

Can you export my data and send it to me?

  • We have migrated hundreds of thousands of users of our financial tools. Unfortunately it is not possible to accommodate individual data extractions.

What happens to my data if I don’t subscribe?

  • Your Portfolio data will remain securely in our systems for 6-month, after-which it will be deleted.
  • If at any time over the next 6-months you choose to subscribe, your data will be waiting.

Do you have a free option?

  • The Globe and Mail and Globe Advisor no longer provides a free Portfolio tool.
  • The good news is our Watchlist tool has always been, and continues to be, provided without charge.
  • You can access this tool with your existing credentials today. It allows free Real-time pricing updates for all North American markets.


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  • 31-Dec-2018