ProStation - 2018 Features FAQs


What is the difference between Model Portfolios and Investment Proposals?

  • The new ProStation gives advisors the ability to create "Model" Portfolios. The intent is that these can easily be reused while generating future client proposals.
  • Note that no data from the legacy ProStation software was migrated as a "Model" Portfolio - this is a new feature.


What is the difference between the old and new software?

  • The following link contains a list of Shared, New and Discontinued product features


Where is "Research" in new ProStation?

  • The legacy ProStation tool contained links Basic/Advance Stock and Fund Filters.
  • ProStation 2018 does contain a powerful screener tool that is integrated within the software.


How do I enter Cash, GICs, and Bonds?

  • The legacy version of Globe Advisor simulated Cash, GIC or Bond holdings by allowing users to create a synthetic instrument with a randomly-assigned return called "Custom Assets".
  • The new ProStation software does not allow the creation of synthetic Custom Assets but rather forces the Advisor to select and allocate real-world assets. 


Will the new ProStation tool continue to have Winfund integration?

  • Back-office integration is not available
  • We are in the process of evaluating potentially returning this functionality

Will this tool work on a smartphone or tablet in addition to desktop?

  • Yes. The tools are designed to adapt to the size of your screen.
  • It is possible to log into multiple devices with your Globe and Mail credentials and your data will synchronously display.

I’m trying to find a specific asset in the Advanced search. I used ‘asset name’ and ‘contains’ and I typed the words I know are in the name (Dynamic and balanced) and the search found no results. Yet I know that this fund manufacturer has a lot of balanced funds. How do I find them?

  • The search engine looks for the words exactly as you entered them in the field.
  • Therefore if the database does not contain any assets with a name that contains the words you typed in the exact same order and spelled exactly the same as your input, there will be 0 records found from the search.
  • If you do not know the exact name of the asset, build your search using several separate criteria.
  • For this example, we had the system search for both ‘dynamic’ and ‘balanced’ but separately, and the system generated many returns. You can add as many criteria as you need to define / refine your search.
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  • 31-Dec-2018