Account Login - FAQs


I have been using Globe Advisor for some time and I've been asked to synchronize my account with Globe and Mail credentials – why is this necessary?

  • To maintain your account details and data holdings we require a valid email address
  • Further we are migrating our legacy registration systems to utilize one email across all Globe and Mail digital properties

Will I be able to log into the Main Globe and Mail website with this email address?

  • Yes these credentials provide Login access to and
  • additional free editorial articles
  • This will also allow access to

What happens to my data if I don’t provide this information?

  • You can no longer access until your account has been
  • created with a valid email
  • No data is lost but a valid account is required to access it

Why wasn’t I notified this migration was happening?

  • All Globe Advisor members were sent a series of email notifications in October and one prior to the migration of each new tool.
  • We encourage you to get to know the new products as we have made considerable improvements but also tried to leverage the existing products wherever possible.

I never received either of these emails?

  • If you still feel you were not notified there are two possible reasons:
  • Check your Spam folder.
  • Also it is possible you requested your name be added to our Do Not Contact list.
  • If you fall into any of these categories this would mean you did not receive an email.
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  • 31-Dec-2018