Politics Briefing Newsletter FAQ

As of September 13, 2018, our Politics Briefing e-newsletter will only be available to Globe Unlimited subscribers. 

Are there any offers to subscribe to Globe Unlimited?

There is a limited time offer to subscribe to Globe Unlimited for 75% off regular price for the first year.  Readers can take advantage of this offer to subscribe at a deeply discounted rate until October 11, 2018.  If you wish to take advantage of this offer, please click here.

Will readers who are not Globe Unlimited subscribers be required to unsubscribe to the newsletter?
No action will be required to stop receiving the newsletter if you are not a Globe Unlimited subscriber, as it will simply stop automatically beyond October 11.  However, if you wish to continue receiving it, please ensure that you’re subscribed to Globe Unlimited, in which case you will not experience an interruption in receiving the newsletter.  Readers who are not Globe Unlimited subscribers will continue to receive their other newsletters and marketing email offers from The Globe beyond October 11, unless they choose to unsubscribe from them, which can be done by clicking the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email.

What is the Politics Briefing newsletter and when is it sent?
The Politics Briefing newsletter is sent out via email every weekday morning.  It’s your daily political tipsheet:  the top headlines, including lookaheads, opinion, analysis and exclusive content.

Why do we have to subscribe in order to receive the newsletter?
We rely on our subscribers to support our ambitious journalism.  As a subscriber to our Politics Briefing newsletter, you will appreciate the level of excellence that is a hallmark of our Canadian political coverage.  Our editors take the best of that coverage and carefully craft it into a newsletter that is among our most popular. 

Can we read this content for free on The Globe and Mail website?
The Politics newsletter also appears in an article form on globeandmail.com. This article will be  behind the paywall on globeandmail.com after Oct. 10 , meaning it’s exclusive to Globe Unlimited subscribers.

If I’m a Globe Unlimited subscriber but receive the Politics Briefing newsletter to an email address that’s not associated with my Globe Unlimited subscription, how can I switch it to be sent to my Globe Unlimited email?
If you’re a paid subscriber, you must use the email address that’s registered with Globe Unlimited. You may only associate one email address with your account.

If you wish to subscribe to the newsletter on your Globe Unlimited account, you can click here if you’re already logged in.  Or, once you’re logged into your Globe Unlimited account, click on your display name in the upper right corner, then click Communication Settings and select the Politics Briefing checkbox under the Newsletters heading.
If you’d like to change your email address, click on your display name in the upper right corner, and then click Profile Settings, and simply write over your current email address in the Email field.

Will I have to subscribe to receive any of the other Globe newsletters?
No, we are currently planning to only put the Politics Briefing newsletter behind the paywall.  All other newsletters can be received by registered users for free.  Click here to see the selection of newsletters we offer.
Why am I prompted to log into the website every time I click a link in the newsletter?
If you’re experiencing these persistent login issues, you may wish to try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Clear your browsers cache and Globe site-related cookies.
  • Ensure that you have cookies enabled for the Globe website and are not using private/incognito browsing.
  • Disable any browser add-ons that you have installed (ad blockers, popup blockers, etc) or add theglobeandmail.com to your exceptions.
  • Restart your browser and log into the site again.
  • Try accessing the Globe Unlimited service via an alternate browser to see if the result is the same.

For questions or concerns:
Please contact us via our contact form, which can be found by clicking here.

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