May 2018 | New Portfolio How-To Videos

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What's Changed on the Portfolio Homepage:  Homepage features

Individual Valuation:  Summarizing PNL

Dividend Reinvestment - Change Default:  How to set up DRIPs

How to Get Help:  Venues for Assistance

Transactions Associated with a Holding:  History associated with holding

Transactions Tab:  New - different than holdings, shows every transaction

"Other" Investments:  Adding items other than stocks and funds

Use Cash Balance:  Difference between cash and no cash

Globe Editorial:  Difference between editorial and press releases

Real-time Data:  Which exchanges has it

Basic Functionality:  User experience 

Create Custom Views:  Create a custom data filter

Data Update Button:  Turn off real-time quotes

Create a Portfolio:  How to start a new Portfolio

Default Filters:  4 pre-select data filters (no audio)

Please cilck here  if you wish to view the Portfolio Tool Upgrade & FAQ article.

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  • 31-Dec-2018