March 2018 | FAQs & Mutual Fund Pages Comparison: Old vs. New

In March 2018, we revamped the Mutual Funds pages on 

Click for a Mutual Funds pages comparison document for the Old vs. New section.  This document is a PDF, so you can download it and/or print it if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s changing?

  • We upgraded our Mutual Funds section with various data enhancements and feature upgrades. The page looks quite different than the previous ones so take the time to familiarize yourself with the new features, and the new position of the remaining features. To help in your transition, feel free to consult our “Old vs. New” comparison chart above.

Why are we making this specific change?

  • The Globe aims to provide top-of-the-line investment data and tools. We have new partners (Fundata and Barchart) and a newer, more robust website platform which allows us to display these pages perfectly on various devices like your phone and tablet, not just your laptop.

Who will see these changes with this upcoming release?

  • All users regardless of the device they are on. Access from any of your devices, log in and enjoy a brand new and consistent experience.

When is this change taking place?

  • Wednesday, March 7, 2018
  • This will occur for 100% of readers.

Question: Have you added any content?


  • Multiple sourced PDF funds sheets
  • 2 year tabular price history
  • New Content restricted to paid subscribers
  • Data on quote pages is now provided by Fundata which carries a greater selection of Funds.

Question: Have you removed any content?


  • Fund categories and industry are currently not supported, but will be added shortly
  • PDF fund sheets are now only available for paying subscribers
  • As the Globe and Mail will no longer be rating funds, the Globefund 5-Star Ratings have been retired

Question: Do I need to refresh my browser to see price changes?

Answer: A page refresh is required, but as mutual funds only report end of day pricing, their trading is not real time.  The pricing is only updated daily, at the quickest.  Some mutual fund companies only report pricing weekly or monthly, and their prices will only be updated when they report new prices.

Question: Are data values in Real Time?

Answer: No, mutual fund prices are not in real time.

Question: I track Mutual Funds in my Portfolio. Has anything changed?

Answer: Historical values and pricing has not changed. Due to system differences between the previous data provider and out new data provider, when clicking a link from within your Portfolio you will be directed to the mutual fund section page.

Question: Can I read these pages using software for the visually impaired?

Answer: The Globe and Mail supports AODA Level A standards of accessibility.

Question: Where can I send my feedback about these changes?

Answer: Feedback can be sent by email to