Ceasing the Atlantic Edition (desktop) - December 1, 2017.

Q.  Where is the Atlantic edition?
A.  The Atlantic edition is no longer available, as we're no longer producing a newspaper for the Maritimes region.  For more information on this decision, please click this article.
Please access an alternative edition, such as the Ottawa/Quebec edition.  

Q.  Can I access old editions of the Atlantic paper?
A.  Unfortunately, because the Atlantic edition has been removed from the Globe2Go service, historical Atlantic editions (up to 7 days back) are no longer available.  However, you may access up to 7 days back for any other regional edition.

Q.  Is The Globe still covering news from the Maritimes region?
A.  Yes, our newsroom is still covering news in the region.  Our decision to cease production of the Atlantic edition will not affect our news coverage of the Maritimes, and our Halifax-based correspondent will remain there.  You will usually find local and regional news in the A section of the Ottawa/Quebec edition, when available.

Instructions for accessing an edition on a desktop or laptop computer:

1.      Go to http://globe2go.newspaperdirect.com and click on “Sign in” located in the top right hand part of your screen. If it indicates “Sign out” this means that you are already signed in.
2.      You will be redirected to the “Sign in” page. Look for "Existing user" on the right and enter your Username and Password and click “Sign in.” 
3.      In the top right hand corner, place your cursor over the “Select Title” button and then “Globe2Go.”  This will open a list of the various Globe and Mail regional editions.
4.      Click on the edition that you would like to read and an image of the front page of the ePaper will appear. Click the newspaper (to the right) to read today’s edition
or use Select Title (top right) to read a regional edition. 

For instructions on accessing Globe2Go on a mobile device via the Globe2Go app, please visit this article.
Need help? Contact us by e-mail at globe2go@globeandmail.com.

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  • 01-Dec-2017