November 2017 | Website changes: Indices

Question: Have you added any content?


  • Several Canadian S&P/TSX Composite Sectors (46) US S&P indices (17) DOW (4) and Miscellaneous (3)
  • Ability to view this list through two data views (Main and Performance)
  • Components/Constituents (list of companies that comprise the Index) are available in a paginated list
  • Full price history is available in a paginated list
    • Three data views (Main/Performance/Fundamental)
  • Data is automatically/dynamically updated in-page
  • Various data points (Volatility and Price Changes over time)


Question: Have you removed any content?


  • Selection of NASDAQ sector (10) and Philadelphia (3) from the Indices section page
  • Ability to view a selection of International indices (11)
    • International indices will be added at a later date


Question: Are there any features restricted to GU subscriptions?

Answer: the Full Chart feature with Technical Analysis filters


Question: Why are the numerical values on the page blinking?

Answer: Last Price and Change Values ($/%) blink Green when the Price of a contract increases, and Red when it decreases.


Question: I find the blinking numerical values distracting. Can I turn this off?

Answer: Unclick the “Data Update” button at the top-left of the page.


Question: Do I need to refresh my browser to see price changes?

Answer: If “Data Update” is enabled data will update automatically. If it is turned off, a page refresh is required.


Question: Are data values in Real Time?

Answer: Indices data is 15 minutes delayed.


Question: Can I enable Real Time data?

Answer: Not at this time.


Question: I track Indices in my Portfolio. Has anything changed?

Answer: Historical values and pricing has not changed. When clicking a link from within your Portfolio you will be directed to the new pages.


Question: Can I read these pages using software for the visually impaired?

Answer: The Globe and Mail supports AODA Level A standards of accessibility.

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