November 2017 | Website changes: Equities

Question: Have you added any content?


  • Section page features “Market Leaders by Price Volume” and “Today’s Performance Leaders” modules that expand into a full page in place of legacy data filters
  • Ability to view this list through two data views (Main and Performance)
  • Full price history is available in a paginated listData is automatically/dynamically updated in-page
    • Three data views (Main/Performance/Fundamental)
  • Full charting module contains an expanded set of Technical Analysis filters
  • Financials data will be from TGAM “Bisbank” database in January but for now it is from Morningstar
  • Real-time data for Canadian markets for all users (not only GU) (TSX RTLS)
  • Real-time data for American markets for all users (Bats RTLS)
  • Searchable price historyReintroducing Press Releases per issuer on profile pages
    • Goes back two-years


Question: Have you removed any content?



Question: Will you be relaunching any of the features that were removed back to the website?

Answer: Yes. Due to our aging technical systems we needed to relaunch the most fundamental features of the website. The plan is to continually augment our content and test it’s use and popularity with users.


Question: Are there any features restricted to GU subscriptions?

Answer: the Full Chart feature with Technical Analysis filters.


Question: Why are the numerical values on the page blinking?

Answer: Last Price and Change Values ($/%) blink Green when the Price of a contract increases, and Red when it decreases.


Question: I find the blinking numerical values distracting. Can I turn this off?

Answer: Unclick the “Data Update” button at the top-left of the page.


Question: Do I need to refresh my browser to see price changes?

Answer: If “Data Update” is enabled data will update automatically. If it is turned off, a page refresh is required.


Question: Are data values in Real Time?

Answer: All data is real time. The feed is Real-time Last Sale – TSX is the source for TSX/TSXV and Bats is the source for US. This means the quote, volumes, high, and lows and all other information that is derived from the last sale information is real-time.


Question: Can I enable Real Time data?

Answer: Not at this time.


Question: I track Equities in my Portfolio. Has anything changed?

Answer: Historical values and pricing has not changed. When clicking a link from within your Portfolio you will be directed to the new pages.


Question: Can I read these pages using software for the visually impaired?

Answer: The Globe and Mail supports AODA Level A standards of accessibility.


Question: What is Price Volume and why do you use this measure to sort stocks?

Answer: The value in this is that it allows for sorting by notional turnover - which is generally the best metric for finding the most important securities. Calculation: Ranks stocks by Price Volume (Last Price times Volume, divided by 1,000).


Q: Where is Bid/Ask?

A: Because all stock quotes are in real time now we do not have Bid/Ask, we have Last Sale.

Q: Where is Target Price?

A: Our current data provider does not provide Target Price information.  We are A: currently looking for alternative sources.


Q: Where is the Stockreports+ rating (or Stockreports+ report)

A: Stockreports+ was discontinued due to lack of use.  For analysis ratings scroll down to the ANALYTICS RESEARCH box and click the "View Estimates" button.


Q: Why are the interactive charts only available to subscribers now?

A: These are advanced charting tools that allow users to conduct technical analysis within the website. It is the first of many advanced features that will be restricted to Globe Unlimited subscribers.

At the same time, however, we are greatly expanding the features that we provide for free - including Real Time Canadian and US stock quotes and a basic portfolio.

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