Access to puzzles online

Users may notice now that puzzles could be accessed from specific browsers before and now suddenly cannot. This is because some mobile devices did at one point support Flash but this application is no longer available due to mobile device system requirements.

Below we have included a table outlining our current crosswords/puzzles and which devices they are currently available on. 



Device Availability

Cryptic Crossword


Tablet and Desktop/Laptop only

Canadian Crossword


Desktop/Laptop only

Universal Crossword


Tablet and desktop/Laptop only

Sudoku Classic


Mobile, Tablet and Desktop/Laptop only

Sudoku Mega


Desktop/laptop only

IMPORTANT: Crosswords/Puzzles are NOT available and have never been available in any of our Mobile Apps.

Users previously were able to access puzzles like the Canadian and Universal Crosswords on their phones because some mobile devices supported Flash. As of right now the only puzzle available on mobile devices is the Sudoku Classic, all other puzzles aren’t supported due to design and device system requirements.
We are working to have this feature available through the browser on mobile devices in the near future.

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  • 02-Nov-2017