App 5.0: Device and technical questions about the new app

Q. Is the new iOS app going to be offered on iPhone only? Is it available for iPad as well?

The new Globe and Mail app is available for download on both iPhone and iPad devices.  If your device isn’t set to auto-update apps, simply hit ‘update’ when you are prompted to update, or go to the app store where you can manually update.


Q. I read the post about a new iOS app launching.  I have auto-updates turned on, but my app hasn’t changed.  What’s going on?

The new app is being slowly rolled out to existing users over a week-long period.  If you want to get the new app now, simply go to the app store and manually update it.


Q. I have the iPhone 5/5c, 5s/SE, 6/6s, 7 / iPad 4, mini 4/Air/Air2, Pro, will I be able to download and access content on your new iOS app?

As long as you have iOS 9.0, 10.0 or 11.0 downloaded to your iPhone/iPad device, you will be able to access our new iOS app.


Q. Is the new app compatible with iOS 11?

Yes, it is compatible with iOS 9 – 11.  iOS 11 was released on September 12, 2017.


Q. Why do I need to download the newest version of The Globe and Mail’s News app?

The latest version of the Globe News appoffers a superior reading experience in comparison to our existing app.  It features engaging interactive stories, performance enhancements – faster page load times and stability, intuitive navigation, and has customizable font size. Opt-in to receive breaking news alerts or save articles for offline/later reading.


Q. What happens if I continue to use the old version of the Globe News App?

We will not be supporting the old version of the app so the quality of the experience and performance will decline.  Updating to the new app is free and the latest version offers a superior reading experience, new features and performance enhancements.


Q. I don’t have an iPhone/iPad or Android, is there a Blackberry version of ‘The Globe’ app?

No, The Globe currently does not support any Blackberry apps.  However, many newer blackberry devices (PRIV, DTEK60, DTEK50) are powered by Android.  If you have one of these devices you can download the Android version of The Globe and Mail app on your smartphone.

If you have an older model Blackberry, please visit our mobile website from your device at

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  • 28-Sep-2017