App 5.0: Alerts and saving articles in the new Globe app

Q. How do I sign up for alerts?

  • Click on the “Alerts” bell icon in the bottom navigation bar (2nd icon from the right). 
  • A message asking if you want to opt-in to receive alerts appears. Click on “YES” and you will start to receive breaking news alerts.  You can update your alert settings at any time in the settings of your device.  The ability to update your alert preferences within the app will be added in a future app update. 

Q. Can I save articles to read later?

  • Yes.  Click on the article you want to read.  In the top left corner of the screen is the Bookmark/Saved icon.  Click on it and the icon goes from being an outline to filled in and a message appears indicated it has been added to saved. 
  • To read saved articles, click on the “Saved” icon in the bottom navigation bar (farthest icon to the right).  Your list of saved articles will appear on this screen.  These are also available for offline reading. 

Q. Is there an offline reading experience?
Yes.  See answer above re: saving articles.

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  • 07-Mar-2018