Difficulty accessing video content

There appears to be two major issues that intermittently prevent visitors to our site from viewing video:
1.The advertisement before the video will play, but the video won’t. 
There are two services that deliver video to the player you’re watching – one for the pre-roll ad, and another for the video itself. Occasionally, the service that is supposed to start the video immediately after the ad run will fail and you end up only seeing the advertisement. This isn’t supposed to happen. We’ve seen this on all platforms (PC and Mac desktop computer and laptops, Android and iOS phones and tablets). For now, refreshing the page should resolve the problem. If not, please contact support to give us more details so we can zero in on the problem.
2. The player will sometimes tell you that you have to use an iOS (or Apple) product to watch our videos. 
It has nothing to do with having an Apple product. We have seen this reported on Windows PC desktop computers and laptops. The error message typically looks like this: “The video you are trying to watch is using the HTTP Live Streaming Protocol which is only supported in IOS devices.” That’s definitely not the case. This is what we suspect is happening:
  • Your browser does not have a Flash player installed.
  • As a result, the video player defaults to an HTML5 version which then fails and sends out an incorrect error message. 
Installing the latest Flash player should resolve the problem in most cases. If not, please contact support so we can collect more information and zero in on the problem. We have a few suggestions that will probably resolve most other issues and will help improve your video experience. 
1.Ensure you have the latest version of your browser. We support the following browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.
2.Ensure your browser has the latest version of Flash downloaded
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  • 27-Sep-2017